Photography > La Belle Fleur Sauvage (This Is My Body) (2018)

This is only a selection of the images in this series. If you would like to see more of this work, please contact me.

Being a fat woman is something that has formed part of my identity and I wanted to explore ideas around comfort and personal intimacy. To many, my body is a confrontation; my comfort in it makes them uncomfortable. Because of this, I have learned to play with public perception through the use of “statement” clothing or my own language when referring to my size and shape. I have no control over how others perceive my figure or me. All I can do is find solace in my own confidence.

A theme running through many conversations happening around fat identity is this: simply existing, as any other person would, is a rebellious act.

For me, when creating my series La Belle Fleur Sauvage, I wanted to show myself existing...doing everyday things that are non-monumental. I also wanted to show myself cast as different roles, as opposed to the socially constructed identities often placed on fat women. I’m not a monster. I’m not ugly.

The settings of these photographs are taken in both private spaces and spaces that are somewhat public, and my body goes from clothed to nude, with varying degrees of coverage. I want the viewer to reflect on their own reactions to each image and to question how they truly feel when looking at a person comfortable in a body that is not conventional.

My body is not just flesh and bones. It is my home. I can go anywhere and find comfort in the simple act of living.