Collages > I'm Willing To Lie About How We Met (2015 to 2016)

I’m Willing To Lie About How We Met stems from my own personal experience using the dating app Tinder. It is a project that examines the differences between the superficial hopes of romantic love, the stark reality found on dating sites and trying to reconcile the two while combating the misogyny of “hook up” culture. It uses real opening lines men sent me in personal messages on the app against a back drop of romantic imagery from advertising, romance novels, and fashion editorials found in vintage magazines and books.

While this project started out with a focus on masculinity, it has evolved into one about the way in which women experience the “male gaze” when using Tinder. I am exploring how anonymity and the app’s perceived promise of sexual encounters allow men to treat women as objects meant to satisfy their needs. I also includes my own voice pushing back, through wit and irony, against the sexual intrusions.